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Welcome to Manchester Business Directory

Welcome to Manchester Business Directory


Hi there, and welcome to the newest Manchester business directory.

Welcome to ManchesterDirectory.org - Aaran, OwnerIf you’re a business owner, please do feel free to add your business listing to the directory. You are welcome to list your business for free with your business name, logo, address, phone number, business category and opening times. Or you can upgrade your listing to one of our very reasonably priced paid-for packages for more features and functionality such as a Featured listing, or adding image galleries, managing customer reviews, etc. You can find out more about our listing packages and pricing by visiting our Pricing page.

I’m going to be relying on you guys to help us to populate the directory by adding your business or suggesting others to make this a truly valuable resource for the Manchester area – especially as at present it’s just me at the helm!

We’ll be working very hard over the coming months (maybe even years :|) to add more and more listings, but you can help us to become a truly valuable resource by adding your own business, suggesting businesses or liking and sharing!